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CIS 2016/2017 Courses

Tentative Course Offerings.The tentative course offerings for next year can be viewed here, or you can come to the CIS front office. Please note that this is only a tentative offerings list, and subject to change.

You can also access the entire University Catalog, or the CIS department entry, or the official class schedule online.

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Lower Division
CIS 110 Fluency with Information TechnologyFWS 
CIS 111 Introduction to Web ProgrammingFWS 
CIS 115 Multimedia Web Programming  S 
CIS 122 Intro to Programming and Problem SolvingFWS 
Classes for CIS Majors
CIS 210 Computer Science IFW  
CIS 211 Computer Science II WS 
CIS 212 Computer Science IIIF S 
CIS 313 Intermediate Data StructuresFW  
CIS 314 Computer OrganizationFW  
CIS 315 Intermediate Algorithms WS 
CIS 322 Introduction to Software EngineeringFW  
CIS 330 C/C++ & Unix WS 
CIS 399 iOS App Development W  
CIS 407 Seminar on CIS Careers and InternshipsFW  
CIS 415 Operating SystemsF S 
CIS 425 Principles of Programming Languages F S 
CIS 407/507 Programming CompetitionF S 
CIS 410/510 Cloud Computing and Optimization W  
CIS 410/510 Introduction to Game Programming  S 
CIS 410/510 Introduction to Quantum Information Theory  S 
CIS 410/510 Introduction to Surface Visualization  S 
CIS 410/510 Wireless and Mobile NetworkingF   
CIS 413/513 Advanced Data Structures W  
CIS 420/520 Automata TheoryF   
CIS 422/522 Software MethodologyFWS 
CIS 423/523 Software Methodologies II  S 
CIS 427/527 Introduction to Logic  S 
CIS 431/531 Introduction to Parallel Computing  S 
CIS 432/532 Intro to Computer NetworksF   
CIS 433/533 Computer & Network Security W  
CIS 441/541 Intro Computer GraphicsF   
CIS 443/543 User InterfacesF   
CIS 445/545 Modeling and Simulation   S 
CIS 451/551 Database ProcessingF   
CIS 452/552 Database Issues W  
CIS 453/553 Data Mining  S 
CIS 461/561 Introduction to Compilers W  
CIS 471/571 Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceF   
CIS 472/572 Machine Learning W  
CIS 473/573 Probabilistic Methods  S 
CIS 610 Big Data and Data ScienceF   
CIS 621 Algorithms and Complexity W  
CIS 624 Structure of Programming LanguagesF   
CIS 630 Distributed Systems  S 
CIS 632 Computer Networks  W  
Research Seminars
CIS 607 Computational PhotographyF   
CIS 607 Network Research SeminarFW  
CIS 607 Program AnalysisF   
CIT Minor
CIT 281 Web Applications Development I  S 
CIT 381 Database SystemsF   
CIT 382 Web Applications Development II W  
CIT 383 Networking Fundamentals  S